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Master in Chemical and Molecular Sciences

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As you complete your B.Sc. studies and think about your professional future, you should be aware of the Specialized M.Sc.program in Chemical and Molecular Sciences.

The molecular sciences have evolved dramatically in recent decades. It is no longer clear what “should” be called chemistry, or biology, or biochemistry, or materials science, etc., because so much cutting-edge research spans two or more of these traditional disciplines. The new Specialized M.Sc. program in Chemical and Molecular Sciences (MS-CMS) is designed to address the needs of the students and faculty engaged such multi-disciplinary research.

For you, as prospective M.Sc. students, some of the most important features or requirements of the program are:

  • You do not have to do your M.Sc. research in the same discipline as your B.Sc. – you can work with any MNF faculty member.
  • You must identify an M.Sc. advisor in advance, and this advisor must agree to sponsor your research.
  • The program is research intensive – you will be expected to do active research in all 3 semesters of your M.Sc. studies.
  • The classes you take will be tailored to your individual background and research area.
  • The marks of your previous studies must be above average.

The MS-CMS program is closely affiliated with the Graduate School in Chemical and Molecular Sciences (, and offers a fast track into Ph.D. studies.

Boost your career potential! Consider taking advantage of this new opportunity in pursuing your Master’s studies!

Prof. Dr. Bernhard Spingler

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Prof. Dr. Bernhard Spingler