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Master in Chemical and Molecular Sciences

General Information

Specialized M.Sc. in Chemical and Molecular Sciences

The Master's program in Chemical and Molecular Sciences (CMS) is based on the idea that the Chemical and Molecular Sciences have matured to the point where a core of chemical design and synthesis principles can enable researchers to tailor molecules for the study of trans-disciplinary problems.

Key features of the program:

  • Open to students with a B.Sc. in science
  • Support of an CMS advisor required for admission
  • 90 ECTS program; 60 ECTS M.Sc. research, 30 ECTS coursework (including 4 ECTS MolSci core courses) and seminars
  • Active research during all 3 semesters of study
  • Specific coursework plan based on the student's individual background and research plan
  • Possible continuation from M.Sc. study directly into a Ph.D. program

Admission can be granted to applicants who have completed a B.Sc. in the physical or natural sciences. Admission will be contingent upon the support of a CMS research advisor, with a well-defined research project. In conjunction with the head of the Specialized Master program, an optimal schedule of coursework will be devised, tailored to the student's experience and objectives. These courses will be drawn from the core CMS curriculum and existing graduate offerings in one or more MNF Departments or at the ETH. The student will become involved in research from the beginning of the (approximately) 3-semester M.Sc. training program, and will prepare and defend an M.Sc. Thesis.

The Specialized Master program CMS involves a total of 90 ECTS of work over a 3 semester period, and will require a research Master's Thesis to be prepared and defended. The distribution of the 90 ECTS will be 60 ECTS of research (20 ECTS per semester, including presentation and defense of the M.Sc. thesis as well as a final exam) and 30 ECTS of courses and seminars.

More details about the 30 ECTS of courses and seminars you find here.

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