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Master in Chemical and Molecular Sciences

How to study

Prior to your start in Zurich:

  • Only once you have been accepted by the Head of the CMS program you will obtain a link for Matriculation by the admission office (link)
  • Help with Relocation can be obtained at the: International Scholar Center ( link)

Details on the program of the specialized Master (90 ECTS):

  • 60 ECTS of research: You start the research project for your Master thesis in the first semester of your studies and it will last for the full time (at least three semesters) of your studies as the core part of the program. You agree on the details with the respective PI in whose group you are working on your thesis.
  • 30 ECTS of coursework: Here the regulations of the program comprise the following restrictions:

    Mandatory modules
    MDS 101 “Introduction to Chemical and Molecular Sciences” (4 ECTS) (link)
    CHE 435 “Medicinal Chemistry” (5 ECTS)  (link)

    Core elective modules
    9 ECTS have to come from the core electives of the Master’s program in Chemistry (link)

    Elective modules:
    12 ECTS have to come from special lectures in Chemistry (link) or related programs from UZH and ETH.

    The individual choice of core electives and electives will depend on the student's education and the area of the Master’s research. The courses are arranged between the student and the supervisor of the thesis and require the approval of the head of the CMS program (Prof. B. Spingler).

    These modules for the required 30 ECTS of course work are then fixed in the learning agreement (PDF, 18 KB) which is signed by the student, the responsible PI and the study advisor of the program and has to be submitted to the head of the CMS (Prof. Bernhard Spingler).


Master Exam:  After  finishing the master thesis you arrange with your thesis supervisor a date for the master presentation and the master exam. To announce your presentation, please deliver a short abstract (approx. 200 words) to the responsible assistant. For the master exam a second examiner has to be chosen; this person has to be a lecturer in the Department of Chemistry, who was not involved in the master thesis.

Once you have passed your Master's thesis and Master's examination, enter the necessary details in the StudentAdmin Tool and submit the signed grade sheet (PDF, 560 KB) and a cover sheet of your thesis to the study coordination office.

Application for the Degree: Once you have passed the Master's examination and all other requirements for the Master's degree have been met in accordance with the study regulations, you must apply for your degree in the "Study Progress & Graduation" app.