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Master in Chemical and Molecular Sciences

How to apply

You have decided to join the new specialised Master's Program in Chemical and Molecular Sciences:

What do you have to do next?

  1. Find a scientific advisor: go to the CMSZH web page. Under Our programs, you find information about research fields and under Research Groups at CMSZH the different group leaders.You can also select a reasearch field from the whole range of topics offered at the   Faculty of Science of UZH.
  2. Contact the group leader of the field of your interest and ask him whether he or she would be willing to be your CMS advisor.
  3. After having received the confirmation of your scientific advisor contact 
    Prof. Dr. Bernhard Spingler
  4. Please note the following deadlines for your final application: beginning of April for the fall semester and beginning of November for the spring semester respectively.

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